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chinaFreestyle Media Graphics brings the power of professional Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Photographer and Videographers to our clients.

We help businesses and individuals find and collaborate with professional  photographers and videographers may it be for a music video, photo shoot, video editing, documentary, party promotion or simply just capturing your memories.

With the rise of Youtube and other such social media tools your every thought can come to reality and be viewed by millions and edited to suite your needs

I want to be involved in projects that I can be proud of,  I have an amazing team, to advance your choice of career or business.  and if you’re interested I will help in making  it happen, by clicking contact.



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Create Engaging Promo Videos With These 7 NEW Effects!

Create Engaging Promo Videos With These 7 NEW Effects!

With PosterMyWall’s video templates, small businesses all over the world have been able to create engaging promotional ads within minutes and save hundreds of dollars in the process. Take a look a

Share View-Only Designs With PosterMyWall’s Improved Shared Folders

New and improved shared folders: Now choose who can edit or copy your designs, add more designs to the shared folder, or invite other contributors!

How To Customize Video Templates on PosterMyWall

Customizing a video template OR creating a video design from scratch is actually as easy as it seems to be. Don’t believe us? Watch these 1-minute step by step walk through!