Freestyle Media Graphics is a start up business which has drawn creative ideas and creative people together in an aim to change the present status quo that only big organisation can provide services to small business or creative individuals in an effort for them to achieve their goals with the use of social media tools, graphic designs tools and web tools Some of our work is voluntary and others are not, it is based on the individuals needs and our assessment of the financial gains of the said individual. The future of creative advertising is now in your hands with us at the helm doing you bidding in a cost effective way. We do web design graphic design, video shoots, video editing, photography, logos for your business and T-shirts. We combine our skills with other agencies and creators in our field to get the job done. So if you are interested please just contact us.


Web Video Production and Marketing


We help you stand out or get discovered with the power of moving pictures and text in web video. Whether you are in Surrey England, North America, Jamaica or Caribbean let us do you video production and video marketing. We’ve partnered with Worlmag, a pioneer of cloud-based video content production and massive scale video production services, to bring high quality, low cost HD video production services to our clients – anywhere in the UK, North America and the Caribbean. We make video accounts and social media sites for traffic campaigns, link-building, and viral promotions. Let us make your small business web promotional videos for a low investment. We then optimize them, get them ranked, and bring you traffic and calls.

  • Video SEO will help you stand out above your competition in local search results and in Google places.
  • Video testimonials and reviews are powerful to bring more trust and sales.
  • Video will help you display your finished work, products, or place of business.
  • Video can help you pre-sell or pre-qualify with informative tutorials that convince prospects of the value of your offer.
  • We include 2 basic slideshow videos in our Google Places optimization service already for extra value.
  • Bundle other types of videos with another service for further discounts



Create Engaging Promo Videos With These 7 NEW Effects!

Video Production Portfolio

We can provide 7 types of videos:
Company Profiles, Customer Testimonials, Scripted Ads, News Stories/Releases, Image Slideshows, Simple Animation, and Custom.
In 4 different times: 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds, and custom.



Video Shoots


Click The Logo For A Short Movie IntroIMG_8034[1] This is another example of the video editing team. This was a pop up fashion show The West Field Experience East London by Diva Choice.

This is a short version of video editing which I have done, graphics are also attached to this work,  The Soul Seduction Network Promotions.

Introducing FMG Services

Social Media And Business

We are looking to grow professionally and personally anywhere the job or design might take us.

Maybe you have a small business and need a social media portfolio, web page, website, videos shoots or photo shoot to promote your business, it may even be business cards, flyers or banner that you need for your parties or promotions.

By using our skills in graphic designs we can create beautiful webpages and designs for any idea that you may have, we believe if we break the rules we will change the game in getting grassroots business people to use the internet to enhance their ideas and dreams.

we want to be involved in projects that we can be proud of,  we have an amazing team, to advance your choice of career or business.

Take some time to look at our work, credentials, and if you’re interested we will help in making  it happen, by clicking contact.

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Social Media Marketing Services

If your business doesn’t utilize Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other social media sites,
you are missing out on potential customers.

We help keep your customers engaged and updated daily.

We also manage targeted, effective coupons and advertising and though we’ve worked in multiple disciplines, our expertise also lies in front-end development and graphic design.

We have an intense passion for solving problems, we are constantly perfecting our craft, and producing work that we can be proud of.

We are currently available for projects small or large, so if you’re interested in hiring us,  you can also check out some of  graphic designs at flyers,



Build any type of online and mobile forms, manage workflows and collect accurate data with ease.

1 Build efficient forms

Easy to build forms & surveys with drag-and-drop in real time.

Just drag & drop fields to your form and select your notification email.

Create HTML forms, contact forms, email formsorder formsevent registration forms and any type of web forms as easy as 1-2-3.

Build Efficient Forms

2 Collect accurate data Track your online form performance through in-depth analytics. Use graphical reports from our real-time form builder for data mining.

3 Accomplish limitless goals

Publish the form anywhere online. No coding required!

Protect your web forms with SSL, Captcha and more. Create password protected contact forms & other HTML forms.

It’s easy to create web forms and online surveys that make a difference using our free form builder. You are one step away from your own web form that visitors will love!

AutomateConnect your web forms to other online services and automate your data collection processes in a snap.

Receive payments

Receive Payments

Integrate one or more payment processors with your order form and sell anything without the need of a shopping cart.

Experience solutions tailored to your needs.


Media & Graphics

chinaFreestyle Media Graphics brings the power of professional Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Photographer and Videographers to our clients.

We help businesses and individuals find and collaborate with professional  photographers and videographers may it be for a music video, photo shoot, video editing, documentary, party promotion or simply just capturing your memories.

With the rise of Youtube and other such social media tools your every thought can come to reality and be viewed by millions and edited to suite your needs

I want to be involved in projects that I can be proud of,  I have an amazing team, to advance your choice of career or business.  and if you’re interested I will help in making  it happen, by clicking contact.



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Create Engaging Promo Videos With These 7 NEW Effects!

Create Engaging Promo Videos With These 7 NEW Effects!

With PosterMyWall’s video templates, small businesses all over the world have been able to create engaging promotional ads within minutes and save hundreds of dollars in the process. Take a look a

Share View-Only Designs With PosterMyWall’s Improved Shared Folders

New and improved shared folders: Now choose who can edit or copy your designs, add more designs to the shared folder, or invite other contributors!

How To Customize Video Templates on PosterMyWall

Customizing a video template OR creating a video design from scratch is actually as easy as it seems to be. Don’t believe us? Watch these 1-minute step by step walk through!